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Hello And Welcome

If you'd like to contact us you could do so by email: I'm Barry Cohen and

Comments, suggestions and even complaints are welcome but please don't send us any more spam. We have enough of it already.

This email address is protected by javascript but no doulbt the spam lice will find it sooner or later so I change my addresses regularly (and I never use contact forms; even the most junior hacker knows how to send garbage through them). I remember the pre-Internet days when junk email was all the rage. I use to keep a black plastic waste bag behind the door and whenever the post arrived in the morning it would be sorted into two piles; one pile we would look at, the rest would go into the bag then into the bin.

The wastage of postal costs, paper and plastic wrapping was huge which must have been a great disincentive to those who sent all that useless material out; but now your friendly spammer in China Russia India or Turkey can send junk mailings by the million free of charge. That's progress for you.